English speaking doula

תינוק שוכב על הבטן עם מוצץ ועליו ארנב צעצוע

If you or your birth partner do not speak Hebrew, Israeli's hospital's atmosphere may sometimes be confusing. Being your Doula, in addition to massaging, breathing, finding positions and more tools from my doula bag, I am able to translate for you whatever is going on in a clear language. I believe knowledge is an important […]

English Speaking Pregnancy and Birth Support

יד של תינוק נוגעת באצבע של מבוגר

It's hard enough to go through pregnancy and childbirth in a new country. Having to deal with language barrier makes it even harder. As an English speaking doula and a childbirth educator, I find it very important to help couples go through pregnancy and birth in the most comfortable conditions – in English, and provide […]