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דולה זה גְּדוּלָּהכלליChildbirth Education classes in Israel

Childbirth Education classes in Israel

We offer private childbirth education classes for English speaking couples.

If one or both of you do not speak Hebrew, English childbirth classes are the best solution for you.

How does it work?

Each childbirth course includes 2 meetings of around 3 hours. The exact day and hours will be set in accordance with your schedule. The advantage of such private classes is that we will only elaborate issues that interest you, and not waste time on questions that are not relevant to you.

Childbirth classes content:

Anatomy and physiology of the birth process

The birth process in Israel hospitals

Positions for birth

Interventions in birth

Epidural assisted birth and other methods of coping with contractions

Natural birth

Massage, breathing, acupressure points


Parenting a new born

And any other subject that is of you interest and will help you be calmer about your birth.

Contact us for additional details.

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